Joey Richter Rides Things

iamjko asked: Hey there! I noticed you're a fan of Joey's... totally awesome! I wanted to encourage you to check out a show that Joey and I are working on together called Craig the Genie. We're trying to raise funds for it now, so check out the Kickstarter and if you like it help us get the word out so we can get Joey his own TV show! Who knows, maybe we'll throw something in of him riding a magic carpet JUST FOR YOU haha


Joey Richter is a Genie that lives in a BONG?

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Joey Rides The Great Wall of China

Requested by Anonymous

Great Wall Image Source: []

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yayanonie asked: hey, what picture is that from, the Joey rides Joey? obviously not the riding one, but the being ridden joey picture. lol that's sounds funny


I try to include link to the original photos in every JRRT post I make. 

This one was from ANNARBOR.COM

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Joey Rides The Kool-Aid Man

Requested by: peace-love-darren

Kool-Aid Man Source: Family Guy

also have this.

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Thank you!

I want you guys to know that all of you have made this blog.
And all of you have helped to make my day so much better.
Watching the ask-box fill with requests is the best thing ever. You guys really turned today around for me.

Thanks for following, for requesting and for laughing.

Ride on, Joey Richter! 

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Joey Rides a Unicorn

Requested by Anonymous

Unicorn Source Image:

Yes I took the 5 extra minutes to color the image…  ¬¬

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You guys want to see the weirdest things. And I love you for it.

Joey Rides Abe’s Nose.

Requested by margomyfishisfloundering

Abe Source Image:

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AWW! Guys! This is the guy who grew up to ride things! Isn’t he adorable?

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Richter Kong!

Requested by CandyAssKrayonder

And is that? YES! It’s Dylan Saunders! Someone Save him!

New York/Empire State Building Image Source: (via Google Search) 

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A Darkening Sun (by DVEfton).

So I told you guys on Saturday that the Middle Child (Cousin) [Nick] was working on a little movie.

I was doing some work to help make it a reality, and turn the pictures into a movie.  At first I had the pictures moving a bit faster (the resultant video was 20 seconds long) but after some changes under his direction this was how it turned out.

We have yet to add audio to it, but I wanted to share it after watching it again.

There are some things that he did that surprise me and amaze me. Namely some of the articulations he did with the lego people that I only just now thought of. I only thought of them to possibly add more frames, but he had already done them.

 - I don’t know the story except to say that there is a Vampire and a Werewolf and that Stella must choose between them.

 - First viewing of the video reveals a Joey Richter Rides Things Cameo. This made me laugh so much I didn’t notice that Stella actually chooses Joey.

- Nick has since started taking photos for a second movie. Something about a Cyborg. Since school is ending this week I hope to bring you guys more of these things, and to add audio to this one.

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